How can you Win the Lottery?

How can you Win the Lottery?

This is the question that made a lot of people to lose their money through programs that are sold throughout the internet promising to give out a lotto secret. The simple answer to this question, is there are no secrets to winning the lotto.

The lotto game even though the numbers are selected randomly but they are all based on the pattern. I know a lot of people will kill me for saying this but it's true.

In the 6/49 game for example there are 7 patterns which in turn each pattern got 30 sub-patterns underneath it which makes it even harder to win.

Let me illustrate what I am talking about here. In the 6/49 which has a total 13,9million combinations, out of 10 consecutive draws the pattern 2211 will come 5 times if not 6 times, follows closely by 321.

What is 2211? take and group numbers into 1-9, 10-19,20-29,30-39,40-49. If you take past lotto results in any set of 10. You see something like this.. 1,6,25,29,31,47 just for illustration purpose…two numbers(1&6) from group 1-9 and two numbers (25&29) from group 20-29 and the remaining 2 numbers each come from group 30-39 and 40-49 respectively. So this is 2211…same with 321, 3111,42,411,51,6

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The only problem here like I said about the sub-patterns 2211 can be 2121, 2112,1221… etc same pattern with 30 subpatterns. The only thing to remember 2 numbers out of 9 numbers.

A better playing strategy, if you are not a computer programmer, is to take 5 cups and put small papers with each group set in each cup and randomly select two numbers from each cup when you have 4 numbers select 1 number from the remaining cups. In this case, you are playing with a hope.. this is just a strategy, not a winning formula.

Same with 321… select three from one cup, 2 from the second cup and 1 from the last cup. In order to cover the 30 sub-pattern, your cups should be randomly chosen.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that do not waste your money in the lotto game but use a better strategy and take your chance it is a game of chances after all. Do not be tempted to use the wheels they will finish your money quickly.

The max number of lines to bet should not be more than 10…all is base on lucky, even if you all your salary you can still lose because 13.9 Million combinations is not a child's play.

Good luck…I am also hoping that one day is one day.

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