How do I Win Money in Casino?

How do I win money in casino?

There is no secret to winning in the casino. The simple answer is money management. Decide before you go how much you can afford to LOSE. Also, decide how much you will be happy to WIN. 

Only take the cash you can afford to lose. When it's gone, you're done. Leave your chequebook and plastic at home if you have to. Again then, if you have a deficiency of self-control, you have no business gambling in the original position.

I have been a gambling club seller for a very long time. I have seen every type of player and every strategy or system. They all work sometimes and fail sometimes. The best betting strategy is to vary the size of your bets. The odds are against you on every game. If you bet the same amount every time, your loss is inevitable.

Either increase when you win or increase when you lose. Randomly chunking a big bet can work also. You should be due 5 minutes of good luck with each visit. If you can recognize the hot streak and bet big when it happens, you will leave a winner.

So many times I witness a player buy-in for $33 in fives and ones and get lucky on the high-risk side bets on blackjack. They couldn't afford to lose that money in the first place, yet they crank it up to $100, $200, $500 or more. Guess what happens? 

THEY GIVE IT ALL BACK. EVERY TIME. Were they not happy tripling their buy-in? Six times? Twenty times? This fallacy of human nature is what the casinos are built on. It's why my paycheck will never bounce.

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The gambling guru John Patrick suggests that you should be happy with a 20% return on your buy-in. If you gamble often I might agree with that. Personally, 

I will quit when I double the amount I came with. Sometimes my spidey-sense will tell me to ride out the lucky streak and I will leave with triple my money or more. But if my luck runs out, I will cash out when I get back down to double. Then it's game over, good night.

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