Some things that casino dealers understand that most but people don't

Some things that casino dealers understand that most but people don't

The last throw of a dice or the last roll of the ball is totally not part of any pattern. It has absolutely no information to give the player even if there were 200 reds in a row on the roulette wheel the chance of throwing the next red is 50/50 (less the chance of landing on zero) just as usual. (someone pointed out 200 reds is an astronomically large number but rolling black next is still a bit under 50/50)

Lots of people want to count cards and there are lots of very simple rules you can apply but it is a little different from the games where you guess entirely. Playing just the simplest strategy in blackjack will give you a small edge of about 50.4 to 49.6 in your favour and counting systems can increase that.

Because the dealer's first card is true knowledge you can play a statistically better hand. It is only a tiny one and you need lots of money to stay in the game so you will seldom reap the benefits of your counting, your strategy and bankroll management.

The downside is you need way more money than you could ever afford to lose just to stay at the table. Somewhere I read that to make $100 per hour you needed a $6000 dollar bankroll.

A friend compared it to his business. He could buy four states of the art burglar alarms. Fit one in one day for $4000. So even at the end of day number one I would have had $7000. He would have $2500 cash and $4500 in stock ready and with almost no risk and if he did just one more job then sitting in the casino for the whole week was a risky unrewarding task.

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In Australian casinos sporting clubs and bars here have constant lotto games being drawn every couple of minutes as well as weekly draws for games you buy at newspaper shops. 

People love to pick their lucky numbers 13 right then the families birthdays (1–12) (1–31) so the statistical way to get more money back is to pick the numbers using a truly random source. 

Your RANDOM game has the same chance of being drawn as a HANDPICKED game but when you do get a payout the chances are stacked in your favour for a larger prize payout like maybe the same division would give you $35 instead of $20 The note here is the same chance of a win but a better payout. Always randomize lotto games.

Lastly some facts about craps. Those di have no memories as I mentioned earlier. Many of the bets on the craps table are the worst odds in the entire casino. 

The croupiers are loud and a bit cheeky and if you place a bad bet you will be very well distracted from the pain.

Just some extra advice there is the reason why they use chips in casinos and that's because they go to great lengths to make sure they don't resemble money. 

If you had to dig through your wallet or handbag to make a bet you would really put the brakes on early. Roulette is the worst for this because you get a color for your own protection of course.

  • So each throw is completely brand new
  • The bankroll will crush even the most dedicated strategist at cards
  • Craps is riddled with bad odds compared to other casino games
  • Remind your self constantly that chips are your hard-earned money.
  • Auto picks for keno and lotto games.

Please don't go crazy casinos love to help you lose. They will even send a host to help you move around to the higher stakes games if you seem to be winning a lot.

This person is trained to take you to places where you will receive special treatment for you and your friends but the minimum bet will be way higher so your bankroll will be at a much greater risk of putting you out of the game. Always play where you are happiest ( hint probably not the high rollers room ).

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