How do Casinos Catch Card Counters?


How do casinos catch card counters?

The one who counts can tell whether another person at the table is counting or not. It's clear.

When we first began, we couldn't sit down and bet $25 until the deck was plus 1 or better, so we stood within the aisles and counted the tables, and signaled to our roving players when to take a seat down. Put your right behind your neck and rub the rear of your neck together with your right. Within an hour we knew who most of the counters were at the high stakes tables.

As the count rises a counter will increase their bet, and that they vary their play from the essential strategy because the deck goes positive or negative. 

Just the very fact that they do not make mistakes is, of itself, unusual. It's not hard to identify someone signaling an enormous player once you know that the count went up tons within the last hand and therefore the bet should be increased.

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I wouldn't be surprised to hear that a computer virus could read the pictures from the camera over the table and count the deck.

In the old days the casinos each had one that was the 'counter catcher', now i might be surprised if they do not teach people on staff the way to count.

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