Do casinos put the loosest slot machines near entrances?


Do casinos put the loosest slot machines near entrances?

Not really.

One of the weirdest things about slot machines (to me) is that the incontrovertible fact that they will be adjusted (not sure that's even the proper word) to a group level of payouts.

Typically, the extent is anywhere from 92% to about 98%, The looseness of slots is usually a function of the casino's marketing interest and state gaming laws.

The casino doesn't have tons of interest in attracting anyone to linger near the doorway of the casino. From their perspective, they'd want the loosest slots to be into the casino so you are feeling compelled to steer through to seek out those crazy loose slot machines. 

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What casinos do is confirm that the doorway way is clean, friendly (inviting), and here's what feeds the common perception of the loosest slots at the doorway - the sound of machines "paying off". attend thec rear of a casino, the machines aren't as loud as they're upfront. The sound of action and winning attracts more players.

It really doesn't matter though. I could make a coin machine 60% loose and certain still make money. Why? Study after study (paid for by the casino industry) has shown gamblers re-invest their winnings right back. 

The industry phrase is recycling and that is why complimentary drinks, comped meals, and other perks of being a loyal customer are very easy to spend. Gamblers are there to break down all and it is a time measurement for casinos that has nothing to try to do with looseness or good odds.

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