Play Online 3 patti on Your Phone With Top 3 patti Standalone APP


Play Online 3 patti on Your Phone With Top 3 patti Standalone APP

The game of 3 Patti is interesting and no wonder it has a massive fan following in India. Big bets and big thrills are what makes the 3 patti game fun. It is a game that is enjoyed with people of all age groups. The popularity of teen patti is such that it is not only limited to gatherings and tournaments. It is now almost played in every family event or festival in India. The game is seen as a great source of entertainment.

The game is not always about winning or money. Rather, it is all about the adrenaline rush. Essentially, it is a game of luck, but its popularity derives from the aspect that the game requires risk and some skill. 

People in India grew up playing the game with their family and friends. But with recent advancements in mobile and gambling technology and the ease of access on the phones, people now prefer to play teen patti online. Playing online 3 patti on an app is the best way to play your favourite game. They are not only quicker but consume less amount of data. So, no extra data boosters needed.

No need to wait for the next family gathering to play teen patti. You can now experience the new way of playing the game on your mobile devices with our top three 3 patti standalone apps - Teen Patti Gold, Teen Patti by Gamentio and Octro.

You can play teen patti online on your Android or iOS devices anytime, anywhere. So, whether it is an auspicious day of Diwali or any other random day, access the game according to your convenience and twinkle your luck. Although the rules and the gameplay are very easy, but it is surprisingly a very addictive game. 

These 3 Patti apps provide a great virtual casino environment as if you are playing in a real casino. The app is packed with amazing features to give you an enhanced gaming experience from the comfort of your home or on the go. Below are the top attractive features that these app offers to its teen patti fans:

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Friendly Interface and Smooth Gameplay

Many teen patti gaming platforms have invested in providing their players with the best possible experience, through a seamless registration process, easy to use interface, and additional features to make the user experience as memorable as possible. Playing 3 patti on these sites gives you an enhanced gameplay experience that is incredibly lifelike and as exciting as the offline version of the game. It also offers a wide range of cool and dynamic avatars that can imitate your actions in the same way as you would do when playing in a live environment. 3 patti game online play on the site adds a dimension to your gameplay.

Social Interaction

One can do a lot of things virtually in their spare time. You can browse your Facebook or Instagram, watch shows, etc. However, none of these gives you an opportunity to socialise with like-minded people. This is where playing 3 patti online offers. Whether you are playing online or in person, it is one such game where you can make new friends and increase your social circle. You also get an opportunity to meet new people from various countries, regions, and backgrounds through a common activity that you love. Make new friends and learn new strategies to improve your gameplay.

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Game Chat

While playing traditional 3 patti, the best part is to have a fun conversation until the game ends. To make sure you don’t miss the essence of this, the site allows you to chat with your friends and fellow players. It acts as a messenger where you can interact with them and even make new friends. Express your emotions through emojis and have an unlimited blast!


Teen patti variations are what appeals most to people. If you are bored of the same old game, try different variations to make it more fun and exciting. You can choose the variation according to your needs. Although there are endless variations that add more zeal to the game, but the most popular ones are AK47, Muflis, Lowest card joker, and Highest card joker. Try your hands at them and add more fun to your card game sessions.

Private Table 

Playing teen patti with friends is always fun and entertaining. The app allows you to invite your loved ones to play a free 3 patti game. Once you register, you can invite them to play games in a private lobby. Create your own exclusive table and invite your family and friends to have unlimited fun. 

You can also customize your boot amount. Just send the invitation code and get ready to have a blast directly from home! Also, you get a chance to earn attractive rewards for bringing your friends! The perfect platform to play, bond, and have unlimited fun.

3 Patti Tournaments 

Once you have practiced enough and improved your skills, join the big leagues - tournaments. They are the most thrilling part of the 3 patti game. Before starting to play for real money, play tourneys that allow you to play for free - a great way to experience the excitement and rush. 

What is more exciting about these tournaments is you get a chance to win real cash money without any investment. It is a great platform to showcase your skills while competing with experienced players across the country. Remember to participate, it is important to register beforehand as they start at a particular time.

The greatest advantage of playing the virtual version of 3 patti is the round ends very quickly, so you don’t need to keep aside hours from your busy routine. The game is a lot of fun to play and has casual, light, and relaxing time. Although it is a game of luck, still there is an element of skill. So, play the game with a full concentration in order to make the best betting decisions. At the end of the day, don’t forget to have fun!

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