These Tips Could Rescue You from a Drowning Poker Bankroll


These Tips Could Rescue You from a Drowning Poker Bankroll

Beginners who play poker online often miss out on the importance of management of poker bankroll. The poker bankroll is simply the amount of money you keep in your account separately only to play poker. Paying attention to how you manage your budget for online poker games and tournaments is crucial if you wish to improve your win rate and profits in the business. 

Without holding up for another moment, today we will share some tips and means on how you can keep your online poker bankroll afloat at all times and still put your best foot forward in the game without pressure. So, let’s get right to it.

Never Use Your Poker Funds

When you have just started playing poker online, you must make it a rule of thumb to separate your daily spends from your poker bankroll. Treat your online poker bankroll as an investment fund that is intended to grow by your hard work in time, not shrink!

The idea is to work on your game and improve your win rate. If you keep your online poker bankroll separate at all times, the chances of going financially broke by month end gets nullified.

Divide Your bankroll between Cash Games and Tournaments

Different game formats require different size of bankroll management strategy. While cash games are usually played on a day to day basis, players plan their tournaments keeping a variety of things in mind such as stakes, payouts, field size, blind structures and so on. 

If you have played both types, you should know tournaments require comparatively larger poker bankroll and more planning in terms of management. Cash games are played with a casual bent of mind and can be played for lower amounts. 

A better way to manage your online poker bankroll is to divide your funds and keep your tourney money separate.  Do not use that money to play cash games, rather if you have extra funds lying dormant in your account after you have hit your monthly targets in online poker tournaments, feel free to use the extra cash to play cash games.

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Mind the Variance

Variance is something you can’t escape when you play online poker tournaments. Therefore, in order to practice poker bankroll management. Firstly, your online poker bankroll should be able to withstand the variance that might hit you anytime. Now, what’s variance, you may ask? 

It is the downswings that come by in online poker tournaments unexpectedly. It can happen due to the element of chance that might create unexpected outcomes. So, you have to be ready for it. Therefore, even if variance hits you at any point in the game, don’t lose focus and continue to play the next hand with the same level of competence and do not let it affect the rest of your game.

Keep these points in mind when you want to learn how to play poker a confident steady game of poker no matter what. Online poker bankroll is the backbone of your game, so pay attention to its management under all circumstances.

So, how about we shake up things and get in the gaming zone without delay? This latest promotion we are about to introduce you to is an online poker series specific to those of you who wish to grow their poker bankroll without suffocating your existing funds.

Introducing PokerBaazi’s Bankroll Builder Series (PBBS 7.5+LAC GTD)

PokerBaazi’s most happening online poker series of the month, Bankroll Builder Series is back again with another stunning edition and a highly appetizing guarantee of 7.5+LAC. Those of you who have just got started with their money games in poker and are struggling to create a strong online poker bankroll, this one lets you grow one from scratch.

We will leave you with the teasers of the PBBS January Edition so that you can decide for yourself if it’s worth your time and style.

  • Begins 25th-31st January, 2021
  • 35+ online poker tournaments of a variety of stakes
  • Play them for as low as INR 5 and as high as INR 500
  • Play the HighRoller series of 1LAC GTD for just INR 500
  • Explore exciting formats like Win the Button and Progressive Knockout

We think this series is a great option for those of you who want a head start in real money poker games but lack the bankroll to do so. Try these games today and we hope you have a good run. You can thank us later.

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