Top Teen Patti Card Game Variants To Try This Holi Festival

 Top  Teen Patti Card Game Variants To Try This Holi Festival

As soon as the month of March begins, every Indian is excited about one thing - Holi. The festival of colour is celebrated around the country, by kids and adults alike! People gather to celebrate the end of winter by spreading colourful powder, throwing water balloons on one another, dancing, music, and celebrating new beginnings. 

After a long day of smearing colour on literally everyone you come across, everyone is exhausted. All they want to clean themselves, stay indoors and spend some time with loved ones. What can be a better way than playing an online teen patti card game that too from the comfort of your home. 

Celebrate Holi with amazing online teen patti variations as you devour those gujiyas. For all those teen patti lovers, here are some exciting and entertaining variations to try. 


Muflis, also known as Lowball, is a fun variation in which the rules of the game are turned upside down. This variant will often appeal to those who frequently get worse cards. In this, the worst ranking hand becomes the best, and the best ranking hand is considered the worst hand. So, in this variant, the player who has the weakest hand wins the game. If in some cases, if the two players have the same hand, the player with the lowest card wins. For instance, if you have A-A-A and your opponent has 5-3-7, your opponent will win the game.

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4x Boot

Love bigger boots and bigger wins? Well, then 4x boot is a perfect variant for you. The rules of the 4X boot is the same as a regular teen patti game with 4 times the boot value. With a chance to win a hefty sum of money, this teen patti variation is very famous among Indian high rollers. Play this variant just like a standard game and try to form the best hands to win a huge pot. 


To win this variant of teen patti game, you must get as close as 9-9-9 as possible. The rules of 999 are the same as classic games. All face card values are zero. The dynamics behind this variant is easy and reminds us of the blackjack game. 

The aim is to get as close to a certain number but without going over it. However, this time the number is 999, not 21. For example, if you have 9-A-K and your opponent has 8-9-A, then you will be the winner. This is because your count will be 910. On the other hand, your opponents will be 8-9-1. 

Lowest Card Joker 

One of the many famous 3 patti variations is the lowest card joker. In this variant, the lowest valued card in your hand is the joker. For instance, if you have 7-K-Q, 7 will be the joker as it is the lowest value card. So, it will be counted as A-K-Q. If there are two identical cards of the lowest value, both of them will be a joker.

Highest Card Joker 

This teen patti variant is the opposite of the lowest card joker. The card with the highest value card will be your joker. For example, if you have 5-6-A, the ace will become your joker, and you may consider 7 to form a sequence. The rest of the rules remain the same like regular teen patti card games. 


AK47 is another unique and most played teen patti variation. The name is derived from the famous AK47 rifle. In this, A, K, 4 and 7 cards of all suits are wild cards or jokers. All other rules are the same. If players have any of these cards, they can be substituted for a missing suit or number. For example, if you have A-4-7, you can count them as A-A-A and have the highest valued hands. The more jokers you have, the better will be your chances to win the game.

Rotating Jokers 

With teen patti variants, the fun never stops. All joker variants of teen patti are entertaining, but this one has the potential to be the best variations of all. Each player is dealt three cards - one open and two closed cards are placed in front of everyone. 

The open card is the player’s personal card. When a player folds their cards, that player’s open card becomes a joker that is open for other players. When this happens, the players cannot use their own jokers’ cards. Again, when the next player folds, his open card becomes the next joker for all the players. For example, you have K♠ (closed card), Q♠ (closed card), and 5♥. The first player folds in the game, and his open card is A♠. You now have a pure sequence of A♠K♠Q♠. 

If you are bored of the same old game, try these popular teen patti variations in India. Play with your family and friends by creating a private room on Gamentio and add more fun to your card sessions this holi season! What’s more? 

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Happy Holi, everyone!  

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