Common Myths about Casino Slots Games Busted

Common Myths about Casino Slots Games Busted

When it comes to casinos and games, slots are the ones that enjoy the most popularity among people visiting these casinos. These are true of both the online casino games and the physical casinos that many cities boast of. The casinos in many instances provide free spins when a user has just signed up for the slot game. 

There are also some free games at offer at quite a lot of casinos for the visitors if they want to play. These slot games usually make use of the html5 slot machine source code for their working. For bringing some of the myths related to the slot games to light, this post provides some common ones below.

1. There is nothing a player can do to win at a machine.

When you look up some casino facts on the internet or talk to any person who is a regular visitor, they may indicate some things to do while playing those machines if the player wants to win and hit the jackpot. However, in reality, the players have no power over the html5 slot machine source code incorporated in the slot machine whatsoever and have to go with the flow. 

Therefore, this post is here to remind you that there is nothing specific and proven that a player can do to improve their winning streak. However, what can be done is to look for an improvement in the rate of winning when a player moves from one game to the other while playing multiple games. There are many slot games and each is distinct when it comes to the ratio for Return to Player and the number of wins depends on this ratio. Some machines may have a ratio of 99% which is the highest and the players would encounter a lot of wins. 

However, others might be stuck at the 80% range and these might be difficult to win at comparatively. Therefore, the players can, depending on the above facts, choose a game that would lead to them winning more as they have a higher return to player ration and this would further improve the winning rate.

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2. Slot machines are programmed for results by casinos.

There are many people who firmly believe that the casinos rig the slot machines which do not hit the jackpot so that they turn out to be profitable for the casinos. However, it is important to point out the house does not always win. The only true fact here is that the casinos are also business entities and therefore, they may want to profit too to keep the business afloat. This is why the casinos usually keep a chunk of the amount that customers put on stake so that they maintain the denoted margin. This is the only setting that the slot machines follow and the rest is done by the Random Number Generator which usually is the decider of the jackpots. 

This factor is what decides the winning percentage or ratio for the slot game. It is quite clear to the casinos that the customers winning keeps them playing more and encourages them to play further. Therefore, as has been mentioned above, each slot machine has a denoted Return to Player ratio which plays a major role in determining the winning percentage of the customers while using the slot machine. This is why some machines have up to 99%  return to player ratio which is the highest it can get. In fact, most slot machines have this ration in the 90% range now.

3. Equal distribution and appearance of symbols on the machines.

Another common myth that the people visiting casinos or people who are interested in slot games harbor is that the reels which showcase higher and lower playing symbols are distributed evenly in that these symbols appear on the reels equally. However, it is not a fifty percent chance of the higher and lower paying symbols’ appearance. 

This is because the casinos cannot afford this and therefore, the higher paying symbols do not come up as frequently as the lower paying symbols do. This also raises the interest of the customers in the game as they anticipate the appearance of a higher paying symbol. If the higher paying symbols started appearing at a frequent rate, it would lead to the casinos going into loss for paying out to the customers at an increases rate and the customers looking at the slot machines as a way to earn or hoard money and not as a game they would be interested to play. 

Another benefit for this setting would be that the customers, who do win, get prizes which are big and therefore, they are satisfied which would not be possible if the customers won frequently.


4. Slot machines that have not paid out for a while may land you a jackpot.

This is the most common and popular myth that has been surrounding slot games for a while now and a lot of people firmly believe that slot machines that haven’t paid out in a while have higher chances of winning a jackpot for you. However, the people are not fully aware of and do not read into what goes into deciding the jackpot. 

As has been mentioned before, there is a probability game that plays out in the slot games and that is what decides the jackpot winners. However, contrary to popular belief, there is no surety when it comes to winning because the probability plays out in every individual game and not in the streak of all games played on the slot machine. 

Simply put, each game has its individual result which is not at all related to the results of the games played previously on that particular slot machine, therefore negating the observation of patterns of win and loss. This happens because of a factor called Random Number Generator, which has been programmed with a probability percentage for every individual game that it applies, without taking into account the paying or not paying for previous games.

5. There are no chances of winning one jackpot after the other.

You might have heard people tell you that a particular machine paid out right before you and therefore, you will not win a jackpot presently. However, this post contradicts this statement in that there is no reason why a jackpot would not pay out in a row. 

This too is based on the previous point that falsely leads people to believe that slot machines which have paid out previously will not do so anymore. However, it is important to understand that the probability here depends on every individual game that the players play and not on the total number of games that have been played previously. 

Therefore, the probability factor of around thirty percent applies to the individual game that a player is playing and does not apply to the previous games played. Therefore, the Random Number Generator chooses among the numbers in each game with the probability of higher paying number being thirty percent and the rest being seventy percent and this is used in each game. Therefore, do not judge your luck depending on others’ results.

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