How to Set Up a Private Online Poker Game?

 How to Set Up a Private Poker Online Poker Game?

Imagine the convenience of having your own private poker games online just for you and your friends. Now, as a global pandemic is making people stay at home, setting up a private online poker game will give people some enjoyable moments to spend with their friends and family. 

However, due to a lack of knowledge, you might struggle to set up your own private poker games at home. This article will come in handy for those users, as we have mentioned all the required steps needed to set up private poker games online at home. So with no further delay, shall we proceed further to talk about the steps involved in setting up a private poker online game 

Choose the Best Provider

The first thing you need to do in order to set up a private poker online poker game is to choose a reliable website or software that allows you to do so. For instance, you might find several online poker sites, but we would recommend you to do a quick scan of the website before setting your account on it. Setting up your account on any of the unknown websites might lead you to fall into the wrong hands. 

A reliable poker game provider will go a long way to ensure security without affecting the fun elements of the game. 

Download Poker Software

Once you have settled with the website, the next step is to download the software so you can set up your own private poker room. Most of the poker websites provide the users with the latest promotions and bonuses and many more. So make sure you don’t miss out on any of these promotions.

Create Your Poker Room

The process to create the poker room varies from one poker application to another poker application. The shortcut button which will lead you to create your poker room is usually found on the homepage. 

You need to name your poker room. The room name must be unique and should be between 8 to 30 characters including space. You also need to enter an invitation code, the invitation code needs to be between 8 to 16 characters. Also, remember that the invitation code is case sensitive and must start with a letter. For further reference, we would suggest you note down your poker room id and invitation code. 

Set Up the Poker Room

As you are the admin of the poker room, you have all perquisites to run your poker room as you prefer. You can allow or deny the players to join your poker room. Furthermore, you can add different colours and images to make your poker room memorable.

Pick the Game

Though every provider offers different variations of the poker games, thus you need to decide which poker game variation you will love to play. There are some other things as well, such as how many players can play the chosen poker game variations, how players will be paid out and so many other things to address. 

Let Your Friends Join You

Now, the time comes to send an invitation code to your friends, so they can join in your poker game journey. Send them the link to the website on which you have created your poker room along with the invitation id and poker room code.


The popularity of online poker games is on an all-time high. And now poker game lovers can have their own poker room to enjoy the thrill of the poker games with their friends. At first glance, the process to set up a private poker online poker game might seem complicated, however, it only requires a few steps, as we have mentioned above. 

The only thing you need to remember while creating an online poker game is choosing a poker game website developed by a reputable poker game development company. 

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