Step by Step Guide on How to Withdraw Money From Ludo Fantasy app?

 Step by Step Guide on How to Withdraw Money From Ludo Fantasy app?

Recall your childhood memories when you cherish your time by playing board games such as ludo. You used to roll out the dice and spend hours doing so to beat your opponents. Thanks to the ludo game developers who developed a game like Ludo which enables us to enjoy this game on smartphones. All you need to do is download and install the application on your Android and iOS smartphone and you are all set to enjoy the iconic Ludo game. 

In earlier days, the Ludo game was only considered fun to play the game that was played by many of us to kill their boredom or pass time. But, now the Ludo game is not only limited to enjoyment, it also brings several opportunities to make money. Yes, you have heard it right. By playing the ludo fantasy app you can do as much as possible. 

Today’s blog is intended to help Ludo lovers by teaching them ways to make money from Ludo games and how they can withdraw money from the Ludo fantasy app? So without further wait, let’s dig deep into the post to learn about them. 

How to Make Money From a Ludo Fantasy App?

There are several ways you can use to make money through the Ludo game. The first and most easy way is to play as many Ludo games as you can. You can online games and whenever you win a game Ludo fantasy app will reward you with points that can be further used to make in-app purchases. 

Another way to make money is to spin the lucky wheel. You can spin the wheel once at a certain time. If you are lucky you will be rewarded with free points or coins. You can also refer the game to your friend and when they download and install the game on their device you will be rewarded with a few coins. Watching ads is another way to make money using the ludo fantasy app

Now as you are aware of the ways to make money from Ludo, I think it is the right time to talk about the ways to withdraw money from the Ludo fantasy app.

How to Withdraw Money From Ludo Fantasy App?

Need help to make a withdrawal request on the Ludo app? Or you want to make cash off your hard-earned Ludo game money? You need to look anywhere as we are going to guide you enough on this topic below. 

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Bank Detail Verification

Ludo fantasy apps developed by a reliable Ludo game development company always put security on utmost priority. Whenever you wish to make a withdrawal request, you need to submit your bank account details including bank account number, IFSC code, account holder name, and any other required information. The application will take some time to verify your account details. You also need to double-check your account details before submitting to the fantasy app to avoid any misconception. 

Once the account information is verified, the ludo fantasy app might take up to 24 hours to entertain your withdrawal request. The time can go up and down depending on your country or the payment mode you have chosen. You can consult with the support team of the Ludo fantasy app team to get more information about payment processing. Depending on your country, the tax deductions will also be made. 


And with that, we have concluded some easy methods you can use to withdraw money. You can consult with the ludo game development company to know your possibilities. 

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