Teen Patti Game


Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti is the most popular and entertaining card game played in India. It’s a family game that is enjoyed by children and adults alike due to its easy and fun gameplay. It is also known as Flush or Indian poker. The variations are the thrilling factor to the game as there are as many as a hundred different ways to play the game.

Teen Patti real cash has an easy learning curve. The game is played with 3 and up to 7 cards per hand depending on the variations played. Almost all online versions stick to a 3-card hand. The aim of the game is to have the best hand at the end or be very good at bluffing. 

Playing the game

The card ranking for the game starts with a Trio of Aces being the highest and the lowest cards being a single high card. 

#1 Trio or trail: It is the highest-ranking set and is very rare to get. It consists of three same cards. For example, three number '6' cards or three queens 'Q' cards.

#2. Straight flush or sequence: It is the 2nd highest-ranking set and is rare to get too. It consists of a sequence of the same pattern. For example, 'K Q J' of spades or '2 3 4'of hearts.

#3. Straight or sequence: It consists of a sequence of cards of any pattern and is not rare to get. For example, '5, 6 and 7' or 'J Q K' and any suit. The suits can be mixed.

#4. Flush or color:  It consists of a set of cards that have the same pattern and again not rare to get. For example, three cards of diamond or three cards of spades.

#5. Pair: It consists of a set of cards that have two same numbers or picture cards. For example, two '3' and one random card or two 'A' and one random card.

The dealer deals the cards to the players from left to right and then the players have an option to either play blind, call or pack. The Bets that can be placed by the player are  

  • Entry fee: Generally, an amount is added to the pot at the beginning of the game by each player and sometimes a single large amount is added by one player.
  • Post: If a player is not on the table and is temporarily unable to play or goes for a break. He or she has to pay a certain amount to enter the game again.
  • Blind: It is an amount that the player has to pay even if they haven't seen the cards. Usually, people willingly play blind. The players can set a limit on the number of allowed blind plays.
  • Call and raise: when the player views their cards and but don’t pack, but either places the bet that is the same amount as the last person did or the pot amount. The player can also raise the amount of bet.

Using a little bit of strategy, your ability to bluff, and a lot of luck you can win even when playing with not so amazing cards. Teen Patti card game has become synonymous with Diwali as the game is played by family members and friends in almost all homes during the festival of light. 

Online casinos offer many versions of the game including the amazing Live games that offer you a chance to play the game with players around the world. The Dealers are proficient in Indian Languages and you can interact with them and the players who are in the game.

The live dealer games in the casino are provided by Super Spade and Ezugi and there are single-player games provided by Woohoo. In many of these games, you can place side bets with teen patti. These side bets make the game more exciting and thrilling. You can play online teen patti on online casinos in India and read their reviews on Vegas Casinos India to find the best fit for you. 

Super Spade Game offers a live dealer Teen Patti 2020 with a real casino atmosphere. The game aims to make the best 3 card hand and it follows the rules of regular Teen Patti.

Live Teen Patti provided by Ezugi is a live dealer game that is played against the dealer. The aim of the game is to have a better 3 card hand than the dealer. The game also offers two side bets which payout irrespective of who wins the hand. The side bets are placed before the cards are dealt.

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