The Most Effective Agile Practices in Game Development

 The Most Effective Agile Practices in Game Development


It doesn't matter you are an app developer or a game developer. You have to face challenges in both cases. There is a reason behind it. It is because of the changing demands of customers in this ever-changing market. As a result, customer's demands are also changing rapidly. Therefore, to meet customer's needs, developers are giving their best. A developer knows how complex and challenging the entire development process is. You have to put your all skills and talent. 

Whether it is app development or game development, you have to give your best to fulfill customer's needs. A development process consists of five multiple aspects. You have to follow each aspect. Every mobile game development company has a planning phase, designing phase, development phase, testing phase, and the last is launching phase. Moreover, there is one more aspect that we have to consider. That is the after-sale or launch maintenance phase. 

In other words, we can say that once the app or game app launches, you have to update your app with the latest version. On the other hand, if you fail, it will harm your reputation in the market. People stop using your app. However, if you still follow the old and outdated practices in your development processes. You can face problems and hurdles if we talk about old practices. The old and obsolete methods also made the development process more complex and challenging for the developers. 

Several problems were linked with the old practices. As a result, you will face difficulties in multiple ways. If your game or app is not developed and the deadline is passed. It will harm you financially and publically. It is because you failed to launch your app or game on time. Moreover, the old practices have limited innovations and creativity. Game app developers are busy with old and outdated practices. 

Thankfully, now we got the solution. Now a developer is allowed to think innovative and creative. The alternate that we got is Agile. It is the new technology that has replaced the old practices of game app development. Before going deep into this, let's discuss or understand what Agile is?

What is Agile?

Agile is a new technology. That transforms the entire way of game app development as never before. It is a more effective and efficient app development process as compared to standard and old methods. Agile it's a process. It allows developers to handle or manages small tasks and projects in chunks. With the help of stakeholders, managers, and developers, the entire project is divided into expendable pieces. 

On the other hand, agile enables developers to develop games faster and more flexibly. Moreover, it also allows developers to create well-organized games. Further, a developer got more time to add more innovative and creative features in games. That will surely attract more traffic, and thus it ultimately increases the revenue. 

So, now let's discuss agile practices and how these methodologies can help in game development.

Best Agile Practices

There are several agile practices. Each of them has uniqueness. We have mentioned some of them below. You can use them in your game app development process.


Scrum is the most widely used in many ways in a game development company. It is a unique agile game development methodology. Scrum is a framework for implementing agile projects. It can be described as an agile development team process. The Product Owner, Development and Scrum Master. Team members are the three positions that make up the team. If you want to begin with Scrum, you should require a product owner. 

Now the product owner will decide that what work he wants to get or will be done. Its product owner's duty. The master of Scrum is like a leader that leads workers. Its Scrum's master duty to aid both the company and team by using Scrum. After that, the development team is ready to develop the product. On the other hand, teamwork will be divided into multiple short periods known as Sprint. It is the time frame for the team to complete Backlogs. 

It is the list of tasks required for the final product, as stated by the product owner. The minimum length of time is mostly two weeks. But it can be the extent to four weeks and more. On the other hand, there is daily Scrum. It means holding a meeting daily for the updates. Each Sprint concludes with a remark or evaluation. 

The purpose of the evaluation is for the development team to present their work and plan for the next Sprint. Backlog may be simply organized with a decent Scrum Board. As a result, pick another job from the Backlog and repeat the Scrum process after each Sprint.

Extreme Programming (XP)

Another agile game development practice or we can say the technique is extreme programming (XP). XP is more concerned with adjusting to changes. That is observed in fast releases of the working game software. Moreover, it indicates that the game developer can preview how the most crucial feature will look before designing it. As a result, the developer can quickly move the design toward the most enjoyable feature. 

The XP has five multiple values: communication, courage, feedback, respect, and last is easiness. On the other hand, XP also has various practices. These practices are qualified game development agile practices. Five practices are discussed here. The first is Test Driven Development (TDD).

The developer's code indicates what new feature is likely to add to the program while using TTD. A unit test is a written piece of code. The developer thing is finished when the test responds to "true." However, because the functionality has not yet been deployed, it will begin again by returning "false." Pair programming is the second option.


Kanban is a visual framework for tracking the progress of agile game development. It focuses on continuous delivery and preventing agile software development teams from becoming overburdened. Flow is a prominent term used to describe Kanban. The term "flow" refers to the continuous nature of operations. This flow differs from Scrum's time boxes.

Specific actions are required to manage a Kanban system effectively. Visualization is an example of such a technique. The kanban board is used in the Kanban system for visualizing work and the procedures it undergoes. A good visualization should include a point of commitment to execute specific work, a point of delivery to clients, policies, and restrictions. On the other hand, the different practices involve handling flow, restraining work in progress, applying response loops, etc. 

It's a Good Idea to Be Agile

Using the agile game development approach, particularly the highly wanted Scrum, as a business. It will give your organization a production efficiency advantage over competitors if your organization is in the competitive game creation sector. 

You must do everything you can to assist your company in meeting the requirements for creating a classic game.  Game development is a thoughtful business that places a premium on quality and value, and every associate of the production team is looking forward to giving their all. Several companies are doing their best in this. 

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