List of Top 8 game development companies in India You Should hire in 2021

List of Top 8 game development companies in India You Should hire in 2021

The game development industry is growing at a rapid pace. Market experts are expecting the game development sector to elevate to a whopping revenue of $68.5 billion.  However, various mobile games recorded the highest amount of potential traffic during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Numerous game development companies are competing with each other for various reasons like penetration of affordable smartphones, increase in access to high-speed internet, improvement in game development technologies, and multiple monetization models. 

Many business enterprises and gaming entrepreneurs are coming forward to reap the benefits of the gaming industry.  If you also have a gaming idea but are confused about which game development company to hire from the pool of Google results then you’re at the right place. 

In this blog, we are sharing the handpicked list of game development companies curated by game development experts:

1. BR Softech

If you google game development companies in India, then it is obvious to see BR Softech at the first position on the first page of the Google search engine results page.

BR Softech is a leading IT firm on the list of game development companies, the company laid its foundation stone in 2010, and since then it has worked on various game development projects that are successfully dominating their niche even today. 

The company has a team of 200+ skilled game developers that boasts exceptional skills and strong technical background in the game development industry. They deal in multiple game development solutions like board games, poker games, casino games, video games, Facebook games, VFX games, Unity games, Android games, iOS games, and Unreal games development.

All of the gaming products from BR Softech boast the latest features and top-notch technology stacks. Some of their interactive gaming features include high-end graphics, excellent game-play, multiplayer gaming, multiple payment gateways, etc.

2. Creatiosoft Solutions Pvt Ltd

Creatiosoft is a game development company that has been serving in the designing and development of mobile games since 2012.  The company has experienced developers that deal in an extensive range of gaming solutions such as casino, casual, mobile, and interactive game development.

They have experience in developing mobile games on various OS platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.  Their team is well versed in every segment of game development like designing, coding, testing, etc.

3. Aaryavarta Technologies

Aaryavarta Technologies is one of the reputed game development companies in India that provides top-notch game development solutions to worldwide clients. They have a team of proficient game developers that always burn their midnight oil to produce interactive games with standalone interactive features. 

They have worked on various international gaming projects, their team has expertise in developing app and computer-based games. Their experts ensure a high level of testing standards with interactive graphics. They deal in game development platforms like Unity, 3D, Windows, Cross-platform, and iOS game development.

4. Miracle Studios

Miracle Studios is one of the best companies for game development that has several years of gaming industry experience. They have developed various games like strategy games, puzzle games, or kids games. Their game development team has an exceptional skill set to work on popular game studios like Unity and Unreal engine.

Miracle Studios have also launched numerous 2D & 3D games that were developed on the Unity engine.  Their graphic design team works day and night to design games with top-notch graphics. Their games follow a well-structured approach that’s why all of their products come with an excellent user interface and maximum performance.

5. CAN Technologies

CAN technology is known as one the most reputed and best companies for game development. Their game development and business development work together to portray the end product capable of addressing all of the business objectives.

The game development team has years of experience in the game designing industry. Despite, experience, their skill is the key to all successful mobile games. Their engineering solutions are so efficient that they deliver every gaming project at cost-effective prices.  

Coming to the testing part, they have never failed in it. All of their products are so well versed that they even compete with games developed by their top-notch competitors like BR Softech.

6. Ability games

As the name suggests, Ability games come under the list of game development companies in India. They believe in business rather than money, that’s why their game development team always works hard to address every requirement of the client. 

Their business development team personally understands the client’s game idea to deliver a best-in-class gaming product. Excellent UI, top-notch graphics, and multi-dimensional features are some of their unique service features.

7. Infinito Gaming Studio

Infinito Gaming Studio is a well-known game development company among all of the game development experts. Their game developers possess innovative skills to procure high-end games with minimum improvement.

They have experience in working on the latest technologies and heavy game development studios. They always try to ensure the best product quality by implementing international standards in development and game designing. 

8. Creative Monkey Games

Creative Monkey Games is an experienced game development company that has been serving the gaming industry for a long time. Their team of game development enthusiast always implement a creative approach to derive a product with unbeatable unique selling points. 

Whether it be a 2D or a 3D game, these folks do their work with such enthusiasm that aspects of the game development phase like engaging gameplay or creative graphics, everything looks robust after submitting the end product.

Wrapping Up

You can prefer the above list of best Companies for game Development. However, before finalizing a game development company, it is essential to confirm your revenue model, and game budget because reducing the budget sometimes puts bars on the development of a successful game.

Always study your competitors to ensure that your game is adapting the same strategies on which they have already worked. Also, analyze the case studies of game projects that have failed. It’ll help you to determine the leaks in your game development strategy.

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