Centurion Slot — One of the Most Popular Slots Around

Centurion Slot — One of the Most Popular Slots Around

Centurion slot is a popular Roman-themed slot from Inspired Gaming. The game is available in many versions and can be played at all the best gaming websites. When choosing a slot to play, you'll want to look at the visuals as well as the ease of playing and the different versions available.

The Look and Feel of Centurion

Before we go any further, let's look at the visual impact of this slot. The game uses a popular Roman theme and draws on classic symbols and images. As a result, the colour scheme is bright, bold and appealing. The game even has a classic slogan, "Maximus Winnus", which adds to the Roman feel.

The original game uses a standard five-reel layout with four symbols visible per wheel. As well as the classical Roman graphics theme, the Centurion slot also has an excellent soundtrack to accompany the visuals. In fact, the overall impression is of a high-quality game with many artistic touches, including the detailed classical backdrop.

The History of Centurion

As well as having a historical theme, the Centurion slot also has its own history. The game first appeared in 2015, created by Inspired Gaming. The company began producing slot games in 2007 and has a wide range of other historically themed games.

Inspired Gaming's products are among the most popular slots in the UK. Since the original Centurion game was released, a range of game variations and related games have appeared. Read on to find out all about the different game versions. All of these game variations are available in both desktop and mobile versions.

Find Out How To Play Centurion

Of course, you'll also want to know how to play Centurion. For a complete list of all the rules and bonuses, read the article about Centurion Slot here. The review also contains playing strategies, winning, and other features.

The article gives a step-by-step guide to playing, explaining all the symbols and their meanings. It also covers winning lines and payouts, as well as bonus features. The Centurion slot has many bonuses, which are described in full. Follow the link above for all the details.

Find Out How To Play Centurion

Centurion Versions

Many variations on the Centurion theme are available to play in online casinos. The list below describes the popular variations, with the main differences. Inspired Gaming also produces other classical themed games.

Megaways Centurion

The Megaways Centurion variation uses the unique Megaways layout. Each reel can display between 2 and 7 symbols at every spin. This flexible system increases the number of possible winning lines, creating excitement in the game. The Megaways version of the game also has a wide range of bonus features.

These bonuses are similar to the one in the original game, described in the article above. However, it has also added some new features. Bonuses are activated through the bonus wheel feature which selects from a range of features. Megaways Centurion also offers an improved visual experience with updated graphics.

Centurion Free Spins

Centurion Free Spins is visually simpler than the original version. In addition, it focuses on the free spins bonus feature. In this version, the graphics are more straightforward, and the background is less detailed. However, the bright, colourful theme and the classic symbols remain.

Both the game's bonus structure and graphics have been simplified in this game. This version of Centurion has only two bonus features, both of which relate to free spins. So, if you're feeling overwhelmed by the number of bonuses available, try this simplified version.

Centurion Reelus Maximus

The Centurion Reelus Maximum version of the popular slot has two sets of reels. The first set has five reels and displays three symbols per wheel. The second has five reels with six symbols, giving up to 50 winning lines. As well as an additional set of reels, the game has additional bonuses too.

On top of that, the game has bonuses related to free spins, wild symbols, and a gamble option. These special bonus features give even more opportunities to win. In fact, this gives an exciting twist to the original Centurion slot. But remember, if you feel overloaded by all the different features, you can always play the simpler Free Spins version.

Centurion Customer Reviews

All versions of the Centurion slot have received excellent customer reviews. The high number of bonus features and the high maximum payout are two of the most popular aspects of this slot. In addition, many reviewers consider the Bonus Wheel to be the game's best feature.

As Centurion is one of the most popular slots in the UK, you'll be in good company when you play. What's more, if you like this game, you'll find many more from the same source. Inspired Gaming has other classic themed games available too.

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