5 Online Rummy Strategy Mistakes That You Should Avoid


5 Online Rummy Strategy Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Rummy virtually is rapidly gaining popularity and is already giving neck to neck competition to games like Blackjack and Poker. Rummy, which originated in India, grabbed the world's attention a decade ago when online gaming portals started adding this skill-based in their services. Since then, the number of participants enjoying the game of rummy has increased, and we expect it to get more popular. Even though the game is regarded as a skill-based game, there are numerous misinterpretations that hinder its growth. So, here are the top 5 misconceptions of online rummy strategy mistakes that you must avoid.

Not using joker wisely 

Not using the joker smartly is the most common rummy strategy mistake that many beginners ignore. Jokers are your rescue cards and will save you from terrible situations, particularly when you are dealt with the worst hand. However, if you are fortunate enough to have one, you must apply them carefully. 

Don’t get thrilled when you acquire them. You must play with jokers carefully. As they cannot be used to make a pure sequence, use them as the middle cards to merge two sequences. For instance, if you hold 6♣, 7♦, 9♥, 10♣, you can use 8♦ to create a sequence. This reduces the number of idle cards and allows you to finish the game faster than your opponents.    

Holding high-value cards for long 

The game of rummy is a whole different ball game compared to the other games available. If you have a high-value card, you will run the risk of losing with a big hand. High-value cards like aces, 10s, and face cards (K, Q, and J) carry 10 points each.

So, when you discard high cards, it will immediately lessen your overall penalty if any of your opponents declare before you. Thus, on every turn, make sure that you discard high-value cards, especially if you have a terrible hand. If you are sure that the high-value cards will not help you make a pure sequence,  discard them as soon as possible.    

Not observing your opponent moves 

When playing rummy, as much as it is vital to keep an eye on your cards, it is equally crucial to keep a close eye on your opponent cards. This is one of the big rummy strategy mistakes that rummy players often make. Rummy is a fast-paced and strategic game that needs complete concentration. You must keep a close watch on what your opponent picks and discard. 

For instance, if your opponent picks 6♦ from the discard section, don’t discard 5♦, 6♦, and 7♦ from any suit. Once you have an idea, avoid discarding the cards that might help them form a sequence. You can also use this strategy to trick your opponents. By keeping a close watch on their moves, you can fool them into discarding the card you need to make a valid combination.  

Discarding wild cards 

If you know how to play a rummy card game, you will understand the importance of wild cards. Many novice players mistake seeing the wild cards as regular cards and discard them. The nature of the game is such that you might make quick judgements. You can miss out on a chance to form a sequence if you remove a wild card. You may not make this rummy strategy mistake when you are using a printed joker card as a wild card. However, when a random card is picked up as a role of a wild card, you may end up making this mistake. So, in order to prevent this, pay close attention during a rummy game.

Making sets before life is ready 

It is important to remember that in 13-card rummy, the main priority is to make a pure sequence first. Without making a pure sequence, you cannot win a rummy game. Making sets before pure sequence will be of no use. Many players make this mistake which eventually leads them to lose the game. An expert rummy pro tries out various permutations and combinations to form pure sequences with low point cards, high point cards, or just face cards. Once they complete their pure sequence, then they start to form sets. 

Close eye on the discard pile 

When playing rummy, you have to draw and discard cards on each turn. You can choose cards from the discard pile. You must avoid picking up cards from the discarded stockpile. But, you must keep a close eye on this pile and only pick cards from it if necessary. The discard pile gives you a bird’s eye view of your opponent's strategy. 

You can evaluate the cards your opponent has and the kind of combination they are trying to make from the card they pick or drop into the discard section. As a result, you must throw the cards that are not useful to anyone else as well as to you. This makes creating sequences or sets challenging for them. 

Playing rummy without practice 

This is the most common mistake that many novice players make. They ignore the need for practice and start competing on the main table with professional players. Learning the game by playing against seasoned players will help you improve your rummy skills. Practicing the game regularly will help you keep track of the mistakes which you make frequently. 

Practicing the game before playing for real money will help you manage emotions like anger, worry, and frustration. Such emotions might lead you to make bad decisions when playing at the tables. Regular practice builds confidence and improves performance in crucial circumstances. 

Now that you are aware of online rummy strategy mistakes, you must avoid them when playing the game. You can practice online rummy strategies by downloading India’s most fun and exciting online 3D rummy app - Gamentio. Practice the game for free for unlimited hours until you feel confident about your gameplay. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and start playing rummy like never before! 

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