What Makes Bitcoin A Successful Cryptocurrency?

What Makes Bitcoin A Successful Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency or digital currency to ever be established. Launched in 2008 by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, this virtual token is designed to act as money and a payment method. Since it is a decentralized blockchain, it also enables peer-to-peer transactions and is functioned by a group of investors using the majority rule. 

The blockchain network of Bitcoin is secured by “Bitcoin Miners.” They get rewarded with Bitcoins once they verify transactions using high-powered computers. It is based on blockchain technology and is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies to ever exist. 

Till now, Bitcoin is known to be one of the most successful of all digital currencies. This is because of its enormous market cap, which is predicted to be around $1 trillion. Also, the number of people who buy Bitcoin has actually reached over 40 million. 

Reasons Behind The Success Of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

There are quite a lot of reasons why Bitcoin has emerged as a steaming success. The factors which have triggered its tremendous growth are:

1. Decentralized Blockchain

One of the most valuable reasons why Bitcoin has suddenly emerged so victorious is its blockchain technology. Bitcoin was first introduced with the goal of facilitating transactions on a peer-to-peer basis. This included no involvement of third parties. Thus, this fully decentralized system paved the way for liquidity of data, anonymousness of users, and speedy Bitcoin transactions. 

Also, Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, remained unidentified. He also vanished after Bitcoin emerged to be a huge success. 

2. Protocols Set By Bitcoin

The founder of Bitcoin programmed Bitcoin halving so that transactions could be facilitated without help from a third party. This event is divided into two the rewards earned by Bitcoin miners. 

This affects not only the expenses to be dealt with for mining purposes but also the overall supply of the digital currency. This Bitcoin halving is believed to slow down the rate at which Bitcoins are released in the market. This makes the demand for this cryptocurrency surpass its supply, leading to a rise in its price. 

3. Sites For Online Trading

Another reason for the tremendous success of Bitcoin is its acceptability on online trading sites. Since it is the first cryptocurrency to ever be established, it is recognized on various trading sites. 

On the other hand, many other cryptocurrencies have not yet been able to secure their place in the trading market. You will receive only a handful of choices, including Bitcoin, to trade with on online trading sites. However, the most reputed Bitcoin exchanges like KuCoin are changing the game. This site especially offers the most convenient Bitcoin trading to millions of its users, spread over nearly 200+ countries. 

The Bottom Line

Being the first and foremost among all other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has been able to secure a massive individual space in the crypto market. Due to its very own blockchain network and its consistent rise in value, people all over the world have started favoring this digital currency. No wonder, it is bound to grow further.

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