5 Great Remote Desktop Software


5 Great Remote Desktop Software

A remote desktop software allows you to access another server, computer, or device from a distance. With the increase in cloud services and remote working, this has become an important part of computing. However, to get a great experience remotely, you need software that can deliver a high frame rate despite the bandwidth. Fortunately, there are a number of services that make this happen, and we’ve gathered the best remote desktop software below. 

Parsec - Best for Gaming

Parsec is designed with gamers in mind and uses BUD, its private p2p network protocol, to operate. The protocol is designed with low latency, which helps to deliver light-speed video. As well as being incredibly fast, Parsec users benefit from incredible security features including either AES256, AES128, or DTLS 1.2 ciphers enabled. Whether you’re playing from one of these Lenovo Remote Gaming PCs or a quality tablet, you can play remote games with your friends through Parsec. 

AnyDesk - Great for IT Businesses

AnyDesk is used by thousands of businesses and has incredible support features, which add to the user-friendly interface. If you run an IT solutions company, you can use AnyDesk to offer quality remote services to your clients. You can ensure your customers’ safety by making use of the 2FA, encryption, and TLS at a military grade. To keep out unwanted connections, you can control who has access to your devices from the control panel, which keeps users even safer. 

TeamViewer - Perfect for Beginners 

TeamViewer is a great tool and use used by businesses worldwide, with support for over 30 languages. The simple interface can be used by anyone, and it can be connected to countless devices including IoT. In practice, TeamViewer is great for working from home and can let people collaborate closely, especially when it comes to tech issues. To guarantee safety, each user is protected with end-to-end encryption. 

Splashtop - Best for 4K Steaming

Splashtop is a powerful tool that can deliver 4K streaming remotely, which is a great feature. The software can be used on any device across Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, and iOS, which makes it one of the most versatile out there. The mechanics behind Splashtop reduce CPU usage for the remote user, which means they can operate more apps at the same high speeds. 

SupRemo - Best All-Rounder

SupRemo is a powerful remote desktop software that is great for tech support, remote working, and remote access. When in use, SupRemo doesn't take up too much processing power, which means users can get more done. The cost of a subscription is only $6/month per user, and one license can be installed on countless devices, but can only be used on one device in turn. 

Cloud services and the need to work from home have increased the demand for remote desktop software, and it’s important to know which is right for you. The tools discussed above offer great features and will keep you secure during connectivity. Before downloading software, consider your needs first and look out for trial offers. 

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