What are US sweepstakes casinos? How to legally earn real prizes for free?


What are US sweepstakes casinos? How to legally earn real prizes for free?

Did you know that you can win real money prizes while playing casino games for free? Sounds unbelievable, but sweepstakes casinos give you this opportunity if you live in the US. Maybe you have heard about them, but you are unfamiliar with how exactly they operate. In today's topic, we will address these questions and any other relevant information regarding sweeps casinos.

What are sweeps casinos?

Sweepstakes casinos are similar to regular online casinos in terms of the games they offer. The main chunk of their game libraries is usually slots. Since they operate in the US, they also have keno, bingo, blackjack and other games popular in the States.

What differentiates them from traditional online casinos is that you cannot directly deposit money in your account and play. They have a dual currency system, usually Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.

Gold Coins

Gold Coins are given by the casino for free. They can also be purchased but have no monetary value outside of the casino. So, you can use them to play for fun only. 

Sweeps Coins

Sweeps Coins are the cherry on the cake in sweepstakes casinos. You cannot purchase them, they are only given for free as a daily bonus, through social media contests, mail requests, or when you purchase a bundle of Gold Coins. The winnings you make with them are redeemable for real prizes and that's what makes them attractive. You can convert them for gift cards, crypto, and real money as soon as you reach the minimum redemption limit of the casino.

Why are sweeps casinos legal in the US?

Sweepstakes casinos emerge in the US online gaming market mainly due to one reason - laws and regulations. Since they offer you the chance to play casino games without depositing any money, they do not fall under online gambling regulations. As you may know, online casinos are considered illegal in almost all States.

Thus, social casinos are completely legal in the US and sweepstakes casinos are within the same category. What makes them even more exciting than common social casinos is that you can redeem your winnings for real money prizes.

Free games available at sweepstakes casinos

Now that we have gone through the coin system of these social casinos and why they are legal, let's look at the gaming options you have in them.


As in most online casinos, slots are the preferred choice by sweepstakes casino players as well. Yet, the selection is not that abundant since game providers must rework their titles with the dual currency system to comply with the local law. Nevertheless, you will be able to play some of the most popular titles, like the following:

  • The Dog House
  • Wanted Dead or Alive
  • Big Bass Bonanza
  • Might of Ra
  • Lucky Panda

Keno and bingo

Compared to slots, keno and bingo games are not that attractive in online casinos. Still, they have their place in sweepstakes casinos as Americans love them. Pulsz, one of the most popular social casinos, even extended its service by creating Pulsz Bingo - a casino mainly focused on keno and bingo games.

Table games

Almost all sweep casinos offer table games, such as roulette, card games like poker and others. Blackjack, being one of the most recognizable card games throughout the States, gets the main focus in this category.

Instant wins

If you are fond of the adrenaline rush, you will enjoy these. Unlike most other casino games where you have to be patient for a period of time to win, here you the outcome instantly.

Fish games

Fishing arcade games are becoming more and more popular recently. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are shooting games in which you have many fish of different sizes on the screen. You have a gun with limited ammo and your goal is to shoot as much fish as possible. The bigger a fish, the bigger the prize, but it is harder to kill.

Where to play?

The previously discussed game titles and types are available in some of the most reputable sweepstakes casinos in the US. If you are not aware of which they are, check them out below.

  • Pulsz
  • Chumba
  • Fortune Coins
  • Winstar Online Gaming
  • Betrivers


In today's topic, we have gone through what sweepstakes casinos are, how they operate, and why they are legal in the US. We also listed the game types they offer, along with some popular titles. 

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