The Use Of Bonus Rounds To Increase Player Engagement

The Use Of Bonus Rounds To Increase Player Engagement

Many slots today have one or more bonus round features in various formats, such as a pick bonus game, free spins, and many more at sites like In most cases, the bonus rounds can be triggered during the base game, but some, like the jackpots, can trigger randomly on any given spin or within a bonus round.

The reasons for including bonus rounds in slots are many. Bonus rounds make the gameplay more exciting and also offer the chance for bigger wins than the base game. Also, they can extend your gameplay and budget if you are lucky to trigger a bonus feature.

How Bonus Rounds Work

Depending on the type of bonus round a slot offers, you can trigger it using a certain combination of symbols, usually the scatter, wild, or dedicated symbol. For example, a game can require three, four, or five symbols to appear on an active payline to trigger the round. Other games have other requirements, such as collecting several items over the course of the gameplay.

Popular Types of Bonus Rounds

You will come across a few types of bonus rounds when playing slots. They include:

Free Spins

At the very least, online slots offer bonus free spins, which is the most common type of bonus you will find. Every game has a different way of triggering free spins and a different number of free spins, as well as the terms and conditions. Some games even have a unique set of reels exclusive to free spins.

Click Me Variations

Once you trigger the bonus, you are directed to another screen, where the click-me-style event will occur. These types of bonuses are quite popular and offer the gamer a selection of items to choose from by clicking the mouse. It could be coins, win or bet multipliers or free spins.

Arcade-Style Bonus Rounds

This type of bonus round includes an actual game within a game. These may or may not require a skill. You could find a game that requires you to shoot down an alien spaceship or steal a jewel from a high-security museum, being careful not to trip any alarms.

How Bonus Rounds Increase Player Engagement

In-game bonus rounds are an effective way for slot developers to keep players engaged. These rounds keep the players excited about playing the game, hoping to trigger the feature.

Usually, the bonus rounds offer gamers a free chance to win more than they would in the base game. Therefore, players will do all they can to trigger at least one feature during their gameplay. The fact that there is a higher price hidden within the bonus round is enough motivation to keep trying.

Bonus rounds are also quite engaging in that one has to pay attention to what is happening on the screen, especially if the bonus round requires some skill. For example, if you are required to steal precious items from a well-guarded museum, you must be careful not to turn on any alarms.

Bonus rounds play a great role in ensuring player engagement and retention. Often, they encourage the player to keep playing in the hope of triggering a good reward.

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