All New Tech Based Gadgets


All New Tech Based Gadgets

Every year various new gadgets come across with great technology updates and innovations which makes us widen our mouth thinking “Is this even possible”?. The answer for it is always a big yes as technology with passing of time reaching the heights where we have nothing to say and just giving us a thought seeing the success that someday even this will be possible with tech.

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Best gadgets of year 2023-24 so far:-


This is a wellness measurement device with various options of checking multiple wellness at a time as this device can be used as a thermometer, electrocardiogram, stethoscope and oximeter and all of this features are loaded in one single device for the purpose of measuring your telepath health.

The device is currently available for the price of $249.95 as of June 2024.

2. Garmin HRM Fit: 

This is a fitness tracker whose main motive is to emphasis on the fitness of women. Therefore, the device is designed in a manner that it can monitor the heart rate of the women. So, for using it, attach the same to the waistline of your sports bra and then it will calculate and monitor your heart rate during your workout such as cycling, running, strength training and so on.

The price of the same is $149.99 and it also comes along with one year of battery life warranty.

3. Thinkbox Plus Gen 5 Hybrid: 

It is a product from Lenovo which is actually a two piece Artificial Intelligence feature based computer. The system can be separated and used with other monitors as well or can be attached together to use as a laptop. The system has a tremendous thin box system which has an i-ink display.

4. Pawport: 

The door is made in a manner that when your pet is nearbuy it automatically gets open and then closed and further it also provides remote access and tracker which can be accessed by the pet owners so that they can take care of the well being of their favorite plushies and pets.

5. XGIMI Horizon max 4k projector: 

This projector is something which has the brightest display so far. This is actually a movie projector which is usually installed at your home as the quality of the graphics and visibility of this projector is similar to the quality of IMAX.

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