How Gaming Effects Mental Health


How Gaming Effects Mental Health

Gaming industry is booming like anything these days and people who are doing business in this segment, whether a gaming blogger or gaming developer or anyone else related to gaming, are earning a lot of money. As teenagers and even young adults are getting highly addicted to this gaming industry which therefore is giving a lot of negative influence on our growing generation. Few of the major impacts of gaming industry are as follows:-

Teenagers and children who are in the age of doing hard work for achieving success in the their education line and make a career are depriving themselves from doing the same as they like spending their time on playing games and this gaming industry is thus giving a negative influence on their mental health as they are losing the importance of education in their life in front of gaming.

Gaming like pubg, calls on duty, free fire and many more have made quite a negative influence on the health of people specially youth and teenagers as due to these sort of games people are using their real money for buying the things and also due to these games many suicide has been reported among teenagers due to losing from friend in a beat and so on.

Gaming industry on mobile phones, laptops, play station and so on is also laying the real bad effect on the health of the teeanger as in the age where the tenager should spend their time playing out in the garden and keep their body and health fit at that time they are wasting their crucial growth time in mobile phones, laptops and so on which is also empowering their mental health and leading to issues like intolerance, anxiety, mental health disorder and so on.

Gaming industry has developed few games which automatically get download in your phone due to some haking issue and thereafter force the people to suicide as it directly impacts your mental health and lead you to take such disttractive step in your life. 

Gaming industry is making the efficiency and productivity of the children or teenagers down and making themselves indulge in the gaming which is further giving bad health impacts on their eyes, brain and overall development.

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