Casino As A Legal Subject In India


Casino As A Legal Subject In India

Whenever we hear the name of casino or gambling games we get confused about whether we are allowed to play them or not. As in our country we have different laws and programs for playing of casino and gambling games which keep on creating a confusion in the entire country with respect to playing of casino games and can we open a casino in our country. As in few states we do have casinos and it is running well whereas there are certain states in our country wherein the playing of basic card gambling game is not even allowed and rather a preference is strict by their government that if someone is found playing gambling games then same can be arrested under the offense. Now, the people who love playing casino games prefer going to the states wherein they are allowed to play the same for the sake of fun.

Many people also believe that opening a casino could be a great source of income but it involves huge cost and also need to understand the legal aspect of the casino before opening in the states where it is permitted. Therefore, casinos are a big legal subject which need to be understood to unlock various aspects of casinos for our own self.

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The basic legal subject of casino in our country:-

This is a legal fact that most of the states in our country have prohibited the gambling or playing of games in casino in their state therefore, there is no permission to open casinos in every state in our country.

Among the few states which permitted opening of casinos in our country is Goa, Sikkim, Daman & Diu and as the subject of opening casino is a state subject not the central subject therefore the authority for passing the law and legislation with respect to this subject lies with the state government. 

Even the subject of online casino games in India is quite complex and people living in every state of the country do not have the right to play online casino staying in the particular state. Apart from it there should be specialized design casino games for Indians as per the regulations prescribed by the government.

Even the states who have legalized opening of casino in their state have special provision for opening and therefore before starting the casino a person needs to take a proper permission and license from the designated government as per their policies.

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