The Top Artists Who Passionately Collect the NFT Monkey


The Top Artists Who Passionately Collect the NFT Monkey

As you also know NFT Monkey is very popular. Below you can see the craze of NFT Monkey especially in Pop artists. To convey your point of view on NFT Monkey you can submit a Write for Us NFT blog post, but for this make sure to understand the proper guidelines. The artists who have taken part in gathering the highly sought-after NFT monkeys are listed below.

Justin Bieber

The Bored Ape editions #3850 and #3001 were purportedly purchased by Justin Bieber for 500 ETH. The transaction value for Bieber is equal to USD 1.3 million.


The "Queen of Pop" bought issue #4988 of Bored Ape. The artwork depicts a monkey with plum-colored skin and eyeballs throughout its entire body. This pop icon from the 1980s paid 180 ETH, or roughly USD 500k, in March 2022 for this NFT.

Jimmy Fallon

The well-known talk show host Jimmy Fallon also purchased NFT monkey issue #599. Jimmy has requested several specific customisations for this NFT, including a blue background, a shirt with stripes in navy blue, heart-shaped spectacles, cream-colored fur, and a sailor captain's hat. Jimmy pays 46.6 ETH to get this particular Ape.


The NFT monkey's appeal is undeniable, even for the renowned rapper Eminem. After that, he purchased an NFT monkey from @Gee_Gazza, a Twitter user who had openly shared his desire to be accepted by the rapper from Detroit.

By paying 123.45 ETH, or around USD 400 thousand, the man—real name Marshall Mathers—made the Twitter user's wish come true by purchasing the Bored Ape #9055.

Taylor Gerring

What would happen if Mega Mutant Serum and Bored Ape were combined, wonders one of the co-founders of Ethereum? In the end, he purchased one of the last Mega Mutant Serums for USD 3.5 million.

Following the serum's airdrop to Bored Ape, a new species of Mutant Ape was finally produced.


One of the world's greatest football players, Neymar, also purchased issue #6633 of the Bored Ape. The Ape is worth more than a million dollars. On Twitter, the Brazilian man flaunted his monkey along with the comment, "I am an ape #community #art #BoredApeYC."

The Essential Uses of NFT Monkey

NFT monkeys can be exchanged, purchased, and sold for Ethereum virtual money. After that, US cash can be exchanged for the digital currency. The following are some instances of how NFT monkeys are used in the real world.


In the metaverse and on social media, NFT monkeys are recognised as avatars. Its goal is to make them more valuable. These NFTs are owned by the wealthy and well-known, so they have a financial motive to use them as much as possible in the actual world.


The value of both digital currencies, Ethereum and Monkey NFT, rises gradually despite their fluctuating prices. Early users of this new investment type stand to gain greatly from it. Additionally, it's possible that their respective prices will drop at any time.


The owner of each monkey NFT photo on the blockchain is the one who owns it. That person is free to do with their particular monkey what they choose. They are free to promote the image however they see fit. 

Owners of NFTs can create hats and tees featuring their monkey image. They have the option to create an animation. However, the picture of their monkeys is exclusive to them.

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