Basic 3 Patti Game Rules and Gameplay

Each round of 3 Patti card game online starts with a fixed wager that’s placed by all players willing to play the hand before the cards are dealt. This is called the boot amount aka, the minimum amount of money at stake that's put in the pot at the center of the table. Post that, according to 3 Patti game rules, all players are dealt 3 cards each face down in the beginning of the game. 

After players are dealt the cards as per the 3 Patti rules, the following move players need to make is a call or a raise. In a poker game too, players must be aware of these two subsequent terms. First, make a call, signifying that the player will continue in the game without raising his bet and simply match the previous amount. 

Whereas to raise means to increase the wagering amount with additional chips. This action usually occurs in both 3 Patti card games and online poker if the player who raised is confident that he/she is carrying a very strong hand. However, one should observe that betting according to 3 Patti game play rules is not the same as poker. According to 3 Patti rules, the stakes need to be made in equal amounts, which indicates that once a player made his bet of 2 coins with other players depositing 4, now the previous players will have to place four extra coins in place of a total of two to the earlier two.

The pot starts to fatten as the game continues, and it is won by the person who stays and keeps up with the game until the end depending upon the hands he/she manages to hit. The winner in each round is the player with the highest 3 Patti hand ranking. The main aim of 3 Patti card game online is to hit the highest 3 Patti hand ranking compared to the opponents and churn maximum value from the pot before anyone surrenders or folds his game.

Cards and Deals in 3 Patti and Online Poker

Poker is one of the famous and highly desired games played in any gaming house. It is expected you will be seeing people playing different variations of the card game online that keep players interested and thrilled to pursue it further. Therefore, 3 Patti card game, in general could be called a variant of poker due to its similar gameplay although the skill aspect of poker separates the two from each other.

So, if you wish to thrive in this Indian variant of poker, you must understand the 3 Patti rules and acknowledge the element of chance in this online card game especially if you are playing the real money game variant online.

After all, who doesn’t want to do what they love and are good at for a living?

In today’s world, most of us are familiar with poker game. And those who have played poker online, understand that it is undoubtedly tempting enough to ditch Teen Patti to play Poker online. 

After all, poker is a skill-based game and offers an excellent opportunity to excel if you build appropriate skill sets. Truth be told, it is more exciting, challenging and rewarding than most online card games like 3 Patti and others.

You may be wondering how we justify this when all this while we've been talking about 3 Patti game rules.

The simple answer is Poker is a mental sport that requires you to play the players, not just the cards. Poker is an all-mind and skill game with stirring game rules that keeps the players glued to their seats till the very end. Unlike 3 Patti card game online, one must be well adept in making instant calculative decisions and figuring out the opponent’s betting patterns in order to skillfully maneuver one’s actions to maximize his/her winning chances.

On the other hand, 3 Patti rules directs the gameplay just like tossing a coin. When it comes to poker, only avid learners and professionals who know the game in and out play the card game out of their enthusiastic rush and the opportunity to emerge as the uncontested winner and eventually enjoy the poker fame.

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3 Patti online game

3 Patti game is one of the best traditional card games of all time. Indians dig it with all their heart, however, online poker is catching up fast in the domestic gaming scape since the past decade, and platforms like PokerBaazi offer attractive opportunities to learn the game and make legit earnings in this real money online card game without the fear of being cheated. If you haven’t given it a go,  try playing online poker today and earn plenty of comfort and real money through your skills sitting in your comfy couch simply by using your smartphone.

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